oh the places we've been, the people we've seen

so where have we been these last couple of weeks? mostly around the neighbourhood, visiting with relatives and smelling the flowers. here is a pictorial recap of the events that have filled cohen's days and taken me away from the blog.

going for a walk to the community garden with grandma (my mom is now officially grandma to everyone since i am offially mom...sometimes life is just like that!) the sun was setting but cohen was comfy in his pajamas checking out the view.

and perhaps being frightened a little by what he saw!

taking lot's of naps with dad. this usually happens when they are playing a game but dad falls asleep and then cohen get's bored with playing by myself and falls asleep too. i found them like this after it seemed much too quiet in the room!

we had some friends from the building over for a visit. the babies are becoming more aware of each other and it won't be long before they are rolling around on the floor together. sosi is the little girl on the left, she is lori's daughter, next to her is fin and then atticus who were both born 3 days apart back at the end of march/beginning of april, then of course is cohen and last is sean who is the oldest of the bunch and will be 2 in october. as you can see from the picture they each have their own distinct personality!

this is the trio that will one day form the lee building gang (especially now that aja and reid are moving into a bigger place and staying..yeah!). it will be interesting to see who ends up the leader of this pack, it is still much too early to tell but atticus seems to be the charmer, fin the strong athletic one and cohen the deep thinker...together they could get in to some serious trouble!

we also had marko's aunt rada come visit us. she lives in croatia but was here visiting her son on the sunshine coast for 10 days. we were lucky enough to have her come stay with us one night. she loved hanging out with cohen and although he played shy he did let her give him a bath and tons of cuddles. it is too bad she lives so far away!

cohen's aunt laisha also came for another visit as she is down here teaching at ubc for a week. while she was here we went out to uncle elton's place for a visit. cohen got lots of hugs from everyone!

and gave his signature peace sign to the camera

and then got a little tired and whiney (but i still think he looks pretty cute!) of course i am sure that minutes after this was taken he was back to laughing, he is an emotional rollercoaster after all!

although i doubt being choked with a soother by his well meaning cousin kyla brought about too many smiles.

no, it sure didn't (i guess it is safe to say he can't sit up on his own yet!)

then we went out to see grandma's new apartment in tsawwassen. it had a huge backyard with lots of nice grass and so of course we had to sit out on the blanket and look up at the trees. it made me feel sad once again that we don't have a yard here. it just isn't the same going to the park...hopefully one day.

sitting outside is one of cohen's favourite things to do and it almost always leads to big smiles like this

he also spent lots of time kicking back and eating his fist...mmmm fist.

generally looking cute

and of course celebrating having been here with us for two months today. he has gotten so much older, in body and spirit. every day he does something new and amazes me and every morning i look at him and think that i love him a little bit more than the morning before, even when i think that is not possible. i can't believe how fast the time has gone and at the same time i can hardly remember a time without him. so i guess it happened, just like that, i became one of those sappy sachrine dripping "mommies". there is no shame in that. it was inevitable and besides, i wouldn't have it any other way.

welcome to month three little tiger! now that is something to smile about...


m said...

I love everything about this post, especially the pictures. He's absolutely gorgeous!

nicole said...

Wow...Is that Cohen? I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks and he already looks so different! Great pictures!! The babies all look like Cabbage Patch dolls sitting on your couch ;) Sounds like you have been having some really nice family time - yee haw! xo

Becky said...

Love the new pics of Cohen! Yep welcome to the world of sapy sachrine mommies! Love the pics of all the kids. Looks like you will be able to have some great playdates down the road.

Tara said...

Beautiful.. I cant believe he is 2 months already! Hes a beauty