i don't know what takes hold out there in the desert cold

well that went so much better than i expected. i was so nervous going there. you would think i was nervous about my son being jabbed with a sharp needle and the aftermath that would inevitably bring but i wasn't. well not mostly. mostly i was nervous about the confrontation i might have to face. i was wrong though...again. it turns out the nurse is friends with our doctor and she didn't mind one bit that we had chosen to delay a couple of the vaccinations. in fact i would almost say she understood (shudder).

she suggested that i feed him while she gave the needle (one in each leg) and so we did. the first one his eyes went wide when the needle went in but he only let out a small squeak and then the needle was out and he was fine. marko and i laughed. wow! that was easy we thought. then we switched sides and the second needle went in. this time he wasn't as understanding. it turns out that he thought the first one was a mistake but the second one was clearly intentional and he was not impressed. but still the wailing only lasted a minute and then he forgot what it was he was crying about. and so i never cried and we made it out alive with only two shots and no broken hearts. thank goodness.

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