wax on, wax off

it is before 6 in the morning and galena is lying on the carpet twitching her way through another dream. she gets fed every morning at 5, a routine that started out as more like 6:30, which is when i would get up for work and has slowly leveled it's way back to unreasonably early. my body is clocked for it though so it is fine. come 5 everyday i wake up, eyes still shut and walk through the motions, scoop of food into bowl, pat on head, a groggy good morning and back to bed. i have noticed though that cohen has found his way into the rythmn. turns out that he too likes 5am and without fail everyday this week he has woken quite energetically at this time, i think he is in there doing his morning exercises to sweatin to the oldies. it should be good when he is here, a little early morning bonding session with me and the kids. and so i too have altered my internal clock which is why i am here writing on my blog before 6 on a thursday.

good news came down yesterday, well good in the not best case scenario but still hopeful and positive none-the-less kind of way. my cervix has finally changed enough so as to be deemed favourable for an induction. i am on the list to go in tomorrow. it has been a bit of a rough week with lots of appointments at the hospital (all tests came back great..he is healthy and happy in there!) and at the doctor's office (mostly just sob fests due to overloaded hormones) and acupuncture (whoever thought all those needles would be relaxing?). i have been having lots of contractions on and then off and then on again so it was nice to find out that in fact there has been some progress. as of tuesday i had almost given up on my bodies ability to get this going on it't own and a repeat section was planned for tomorrow. now there is at least hope that he might come out the old fashion way. any way we slice it though tomorrow is the day that things get started. we are starting to get excited over here! i think galena is still a little unsure of how this is all going to play out, i keep explaining to her that we will still love her and she will still get fed at the regular times but she takes after me and is a bit of a skeptic i think. i'm not worried though, this little guy seems so stubborn i am sure they will hit it off right away.


Tara said...

The 16th sounds like a great day for a baby... Right smack in the middle of the month. The 17th is great too if you hold out that long. Cohen is ready to meet you, he's just figuring whatever way is best to get here.
I cant wait to meet him, you are going to do great. Breathe easy, he is on his way MOM!

libragal said...

i just peed my pants a bit.