it's okay when there is nothing more to say to me

ok so maybe you are wondering...has she had the baby yet? it would seem as though this is what the majority of people around me are thinking these days. luckily the phone hasn't been too ringy, mostly lots of emails with queries which goes to show that people understand me more than i thought.

to answer the question. no. there is no baby yet. well at least not in the outside the womb sense. there were moments yesterday when it seemed likely but around 1am they fell away and i fell asleep and it has been business as usual every since.

you will know when it has happened, oh yes you will know. i anticipate this blog becoming an obnoxious baby mecca with 40 pictues a day coupled with clever anecdotes about sleeping babies and diaper changes. i will try and convince myself that no more photos are necessary, and that no one is interested in all these lame stories but then i will see just one more photos and say "but this one is the cutest of all" and of course it will need a story to go with it and the cycle will start again. one day you will come here and there will just be perfect pink flesh on perfect pink feet and perfect pink hands littering the page and you will know it has happened. i have become one of them. but for now i am still me which means i sit in bed most of the day being lazy and playing on the computer or reading parenting magazine but mostly just waiting. well waiing and eating unripe papaya cause apparently that can have some sort of affect on when a baby shows up?

i also spend a fair bit of time analyzing the smells that waft down from the kitchen above our bedroom. garlic bread at 8am, indian by 10 and burnt toast for lunch, sometimes in the afternoon (on good days) we get crappy coffee smell, like the gas station without the exhaust fumes. i am dying to know who lives up there...maybe you are reading this and maybe you know? perhaps the mystery will be unveiled. all i know is that if they aren't running a catering company out of that apartment then they must eat a lot of food, or at the very least make a lot of food and leave it sitting by an open window just to feed my imagination.

either way it doesn't ever smell like papaya so it is no good to me now.

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