it's all question marks and incandescent hearts

alright well i went for acupuncture this morning. it wasn't exactly what i was expecting but it was interesting. the practitioner said that 67% of her clients go into labour within 24 hours of their first treatment, to which marko promptly replied (to me later of course) that 75% of all statistics are made up on the spot. i am a skeptic to be sure but i am willing to give anything the benefit of the doubt. i don't expect miracles, but a couple of solid contractions would be nice.

after that i went home and felt all tangled up, like waiting for the end of the world to arrive, or the day you get to take that big trip to europe (ok so one of those is terrible and the other exciting...actually i think that is fairly apt). so i called up my friend catriona and we went walking and talking and coffee drinking and finally chocolate fondue eating and then i came home. i hadn't noticed much on the walk, other than the constant pressure on my nether regions and the soreness in my hips from the waddle. but when i got home and sat for a bit i started to notice that maybe things are a little different. it has progressed to the title of uncomfortable now but don't get excited it is nothing really. just a slight change, a buckling over every now and again with cramps...but wait maybe this is how it starts? that is the crazy thing about all this, i have absolutely no idea how this goes down. they say you will know it when it happens so i guess it is nothing. but maybe it is the beginning of the something for which i am going to know.

so i am going to go take a hot shower now and some deep breaths, i am going to reassure him that it is ok to come out, i cleaned the house and we got the new couch, we are ready. he likes listening to chick corea so maybe i will bribe him later with a little jazz. play it for a couple of minutes and tell him he can hear the rest after he comes out. maybe that isn't the best way to start my child-rearing days.

until then keep hoping that chinese medicine knows a thing of two and in fact i am one of those 67%, it has been 10 hours now...they still have 14 to prove themselves.

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