trust your intuition, it's just like going fishin, you cast a line and hope you catch a bite

i see that a lot of people have been coming here on a daily basis and since i normally only have a handful of visitors (on a good day) i can only assume that you are here looking to see if cohen has arrived yet. of course there are no pictures littering the page and so you know that he hasn't. not yet. mentally it is taking a toll on me but so far all is good. i thought i would be boring and mundane for today and give everyone an update.

as many of you know i was due last sunday and as of my appointment today my cervix is still closed, this doesn't mean much in the grand scheme as sometimes people don't dilate at all before going into labour so for now i am not too worried about it. if i don't go into labour before monday i will go in for some testing to make sure everything is ok with the amniotic fluid and cohen and at that point we will likely decide what we are going to do. either way by next friday he will be here.

if my cervix is favourable, meaning i am close to going into labour on my own, then i will be induced likely sometime near the middle of next week. if it isn't then i will schedule a repeat caesarean section.

so send me all the positive "go into labour naturally" vibes that you can. it is a full moon on sunday and apparently that can have an affect, who knows. anyday would be fine with me, how about tonight? maia's due date was june 10th, 2004 so maybe we will have him on saturday. so many maybes these days..makes me dizzy!

i think tomorrow i am going to try and go in for an accupuncture appointment. at this point i am willing to pull out all the stops...well everything except castor oil, i am just not ready for that yet.

so there it is, all the news that's fit to print. hopefully i will have some more exciting news soon.


lori said...

you caught me! i have been lurking trying to find out any news. i have been thinking about you a lot.

don't want to bug you, i remember just wanting to be left alone during those never ending overdue days.

hope you are well :)

Barry T said...

You caught me too! I'll certainly be praying for you, Marko & Cohen and you know I'm good for it too. Cohen is a kewl name. What made you guys decide on it?

t said...

thanks guys, nice to know that others are thinking about us!

barry, i had no idea you read my blog but you are right if someone is going to get god on our side it is likely you! we decided on the name very ealry on, i don't know why. lot's of people think it is a homage to leonard, but i never thought of him when i was considering it. you know me though, i don't mind the comparison, i mean leonard is a pretty cool guy. but mostly i heard it somewhere and liked the sound of it and it grew from there. marko took a little convincing and he still has dreams where he calls him simon but i figure we have a lifetime to get him used to it.

i will keep you posted.