this situation keeps me drinking every god damn day and night

short version: still here, he is still in there.

i am beginning to think that this needs to be a reality show, get a bunch of pregnant women together and prevent them from going into labour (but of course throw in generous amounts of false labour just to throw them off) and see who lasts the longest without going batshit crazy. for extra entertainment you get people to phone and say "is the baby here yet?" and then offer up pearls of wisdom like "you need to relax or he will never come", "maybe he is scared of the world, you need to reassure him it is ok" and of course they must be told at least 4 times everyday that "he will come when he is good and ready we just have to be patient!".

for those that make it long enough without begging for mercy you then subject them to various forms of testing including the amniotic fluid index where they are told to drink 4 litres of water before the exam. they can pee as they like (no kidding! could you imagine the alternative) which essentially means they are spending every minute before the appointment sitting on the toilet with a water bottle. then they go to the hospital where the nurses are non-commital and serious. even if everything is fine and the baby is kicking like crazy these nurses have this magical power to instill fear...maybe it is just me?

yeah this show would be good..neigh great! imagine all the tears? all the begging for it to be over? the reactions of the anxious husbands? and the best part is that in the end every one of the women ends up with a baby (thereby proving the other platitude "when he is here a few days extra will seem like nothing"). everyone loves a hollywood ending. heck there doesn't have to be a prize other than the baby itself. well and the eventual return of sanity.

yeah so i guess that is the long version. now where is that water bottle?


Tara said...

The only thing I can offer is lots and lots of hugs.... It's ok to feel the way you do, unplug the phone, or just hang up on them when they dont get it.

That lil boy of yours sure is stubborn, who do you think he gets that from?

Anonymous said...

Was hearing a bit of reality a little too much for you to handle? Babies do come when they are good and ready. After all that you have been through, one would think you would have a better outlook on this pregnancy. Stop your complaining and enjoy the final few days.Your blogs may make for interesting reading but personally, you are just a whiner.

deborah....delphi said...

of course came to read your blog after being "tempted"...LOL.
Hon don't let negative people bring you lower. We all know how long pregnancy is and for those who know what overdue is...we do understand....and for those who have lost and gone overdue....dam....we have the RIGHT to "whine"....not that I call it that ....more....the right to air out the hormonal tidal waves!!
Have a great day....give Cohen a rub from me.

Tara said...

Even when you chose to be anonymous, you are not anonymous... thanks to site meter...
Take your compassion and shove it up your ass "anonymous"

If you have an opinion, don't hide your identity, that only makes you look like a coward.

Dont let this dipshit get under your skin.

laisha said...

I'm with barryt (who sounds like a great guy) sending you nothing but prayers & love - & ourselves! See you tomorrow! (I wonder if they'll be 2 or 3 of you?) Til then, xol

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry my comments upset you. Given that I have lost a baby, and I have had two babies go very, very overdue, I understand well how insane it is in those last few days and how frustrating it can be waiting. I have the perspective of being on the other side now which is why I mentioned that in the end, a difference of a few days wouldn't matter. Again though, I didn't mean to offend you and I apologize for that. I hope little Cohen's birth goes smoothly for you and Marko and I wish you the best of luck.


t said...

i think perhaps you took my comments in the post the wrong way so i apologize as well. you see i wasn't meaning to blame anyone for citing platitudes at me, i understand that people mean the best and are only trying to help. i certainly wouldn't want it the other way where no one cares and no one phones. what i meant in my post was that sometimes the truth inside our own heads gets so loud that we don't need anyone else to tell it to us. i know logically that in the end this time will seem insignificant, just as in my head i know that he will come and he will be fine but as everyday passes into the next my ability to keep logic in check diminishes, my irritability increases and the comments that are made in kindness sometimes frustrate me because they are things i know and yet still i can't overcome all the other stuff and so the logical flies out the window. having been through the same i am sure you can relate. i am just anxious to get back to normal and feel in control again.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tara,
What difference does it make if I don't put my name out in viewing public? The last time I checked I thought that Freedom of Speech was a right. I can say what I want when I want and no one can stop me. I don't think posting my name out on the internet is safe so I will remain anonymous.If I am supposed to be scared of the site meter, please explain why.
If your friend doesn't want to get comments like mine, she should just not blog out on the internet. I am sure there are 1,000's out there who feel the same way as I do. Are you going to be the internet police and track us down??? I didn't say anything threatening to her so I don't see what the big deal is. People who blog on the internet should be big girls and boys and deal with the comments like an adult.
I have read her blog and she seems like one angry person. If she, or you, want a world with butterflies and rainbows, you shouldn't post on the internet. But of course if you decide to, prepare yourself for what people have to say.

t said...

anonymous you are right you have every right to read and comment as you choose as i have clearly made this a public space. you clearly have no concept of how it feels to be me and so if you choose to see me as an angry whiner that is certainly your right.

i read enough blogs to know that not everyone is positive and perhaps a little negativity keeps it all in check. if it makes you feel better or smarter or more worthwhile to hack on someone you don't even know to garnish some sort of attention than by all means use this platform. words are just words.

Tara said...

You Rock My World Girl!!!!!

It's probably the last thing on your mind, but maybe Erin's advice over at the forum wouldnt hurt to try, I could only imagine how not fun it would be, but if it does the trick :::shrug:::

Thinking of you!