the peaceful quiet you create for me

we went to granville island today to lift our spirits, not that our spirits were low but there is something about that place that makes me smile from ear to ear. as you can imagine we were approached by many people wanting to discuss cohen and much to my surprise it went swimmingly well. neither marko nor i are the small talk type, at least not with strangers. i think i might even go so far as to say we have a phobia of it. marko usually puts on the sour face and stands in defiance, he intimidates them to leave and i smile slightly off kilter and say as little as humanly possible, but not today. today the sun was shining, the lunch was delicious and we, well we were friendly. much discussion over size and age and hair quantity ensued. words of wisdom espoused and a generally warm feeling was being handed out. it was nice. i don't expect it to last on my part but i will try. i swear i will. as long as you are not crazy, smelly or want to touch him i will make an effort to be nice. there is something about babies that makes people swoon, i will soon be a swooner myself, time to jump into the game.

we had a doctors appointment today and thankfully some of my worries were alayed. you see we have ourselves a puker. not just a little spit up here and there, no trickles from the side of the mouth. more like all of his lunch on the floor and streaming down my back. it started about 4 days ago and although it isn't after every feeding it has been everyday and i was worried. i would watch him eat with such vigour, gulping every last drop as quick as can be and then bringing it all back up. we compared him to a roman gorging on food cause it feels good. no self control. and as much as we joked there were also tears, great big crocodile tears falling harder than rain on a february morning as i asked why? why is he getting sick? and panicking that he wasn't gaining weight. then we went to the appointment and found out that he is not only gaining but is gaining in a big way. so big she thinks he could be as heavy as 18 pounds by 2 months! apparently the throwing up is "just one of those things" that some babies get. lucky me. but it is ok we have hard wood flooring and a washing machine so we are set. now to just sit back and let the gorging begin.

in other non-baby related news (is there really such a thing? i swore i wouldn't become this person and yet...well the proof it is here..my brain, where did it go?) i decided to download grey's anatomy. i had never seen an episode as we don't have cable, or a tv for that matter, but i had heard good things. so i downloaded season one and yesterday starting sometime around 9 am i unknowingly started a marathon that ended around dinner with me having watched all nine episodes. this show is like crack. now i am anxiously waiting for season two to finish, all 26 episodes (which makes me feel giddy with anticipation). it should be done sometime tonight. i know what i will be doing tomorrow. but all this has me thinking that maybe there are other shows out there that are great that i have never seen? i like to have something to watch while he feeds (oh no are we back to babies again!?) but i know those 26 episodes are only going to see me through the weekend so i am looking for suggestions. do you have a favourite show that i should check out? all suggestions greatly appreciated.


Tara said...

You look beautiful, where'd your tummy go? I can't believe that all the anticipation is over and Cohen in here. Many conversations were had about this and here it is. I think fondly of you often.

Greys is an awesome show, I didnt know you could download them online, I will have to check into that. I dont really have any suggestions of anything along those lines. Dog the Bounty Hunter always keeps me amused..LOL

Keep the baby talk coming, I love to read about that little guy of yours. You are slowing coming out of your shell in the people department. Babies really do bring out the best in people don't they?

Milan said...

Hey guys,

this is awesome. I am so happy to see that you are all doing well. Cohen is such a little studmuffin! He's adorable! Just like his musician uncle.

I've sent the blog link to Marko's and my mother, who is currently in Croatia, and she should have had a chance to see the pictures by now. She's so excited.

Keep the entries coming!

libragal said...

Slings and Arrows
I would be happy to come over and watch both shows with you - as long as I don't have to sit in the line of fire when Captain Projectile starts to do his thing!

Barry T said...

Aren't you the lucky Mommy, hehe. His cuteness should compensate for the messes he makes though any day. Does Roomba clean up puke?

Here I thought it was only my black cat who projectile vomited, which he did the other night at 1.00am right after I had knocked over a plant putting the blinds down spilling dirt all over the floor. Thank God for hardwood flooring! The next morning David was wonder why the hell I was vacuuming at 1.15am. Why not? I mean I was awake already...

Granville Island has always been awesome, but its even better now that Roger's Chocolate is there. mmm chocolate