the world has it's ways to quiet us down

i can't seem to stop eating chocolate tonight. it doesn't help that there are stashes of the stuff all over the apartment. lately when i go to the store i am overcome with the desire to buy something bad for me, gummy worms, chips, ice cream, and of course chocolate. somedays i swear it is the only thing that gets me to the store in the first place. thankfully i have a husband who feasts on unhealthy food and so i am not solely responsible for the gorging and then groaning with stomach aches. it will be nice when this phase passes and i can go back to being the strong willed one in the family though. even as a write this i am thinking, "come on, just one more handful of reeses pieces".

alright, now that i have my mouth filled with peanut butter goodness let me tell you about my easter weekend visit. aaron, laisha and jonah all came down for a few days. as always their weekend was jam packed with visiting, luckily i only had to participate in the visiting that involved me, which was an afternoon spent at the vancouver aquarium on friday and a dinner at grandma's on sunday. to say the aquarium was busy would be like saying that sap is a little sticky (and that anaolgy is quite apt in this case). having been there dozens of times over the last year i can say with certainty that i have never seen it so busy. little children running amuck, strollers jamming into one another with force, crying and whining and above it all the pleasant woman's voice announcing that the dolphin show will be starting in 5 minutes. still, we managed to have a good time with cohen chanting "ish, ish" as he pointed from tank to tank, and jonah wide eyed and grinning at all the commotion. the day rounded out with a birthday cake for marko, complete with sparklers and singing (that's right, he is finally 21). it was a long one, but worth it just the same.

dinner at grandma's was much quieter and relaxing which was nice. the only commotion of the night was when jonah decided to bite my nipple while i was in the middle of a conversation. here i thought he was just relaxing on my lap, but it turns out he had other plans. when i yelped in pain his little face went blank and he started crying, poor guy! isn't that what teeth are for? i had to laugh when laisha's face sank as she asked, "oh did he just bite you?" i guess it is his new thing, better not let strangrrs hold him until that one passes!

hands down though, the highlight of the visit for me was the way jonah and cohen interacted with each other. marko was quick to comment that the two of them would be good friends if they lived closer. jonah was in awe of cohen, and cohen seemed highly interested in playing with jonah, he even gave him big kisses and hugs on more than one occasion. it was great having them there together. i already can't wait for june when we all get together again.

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laish said...

Sorry about your nipple! (& how often does one get to write that on one's sister-in-law's blog?!) The surprising thing is, he hasn't even bitten me there! I think that means he really likes you. The biting started on our trip & it seemed to be an expression of excitement - Jones would get all excited & then, oh, can't take it anymore, chomp! He's still doing it a bit but seems to actually understand "No Biting!" because he'll lean in for one, hear me say that, & then pause & give me a gummy nibble instead.

We had such a wonderful time! As usual, we wish we lived closer...sigh.