did you ever see such a sight in your life?

grandma and her boys
cohen with his grandma and his cousin jonah (more on their visit soon)

i was sitting here pretending to look at blogs, but really just staring into space enjoying a moment of quiet as marko put cohen to bed, when i heard some rustling in the kitchen. i could tell it was galena and assumed she was simply chasing her shadow again, either that or one of the dozens of matchbox cars that seem to litter our apartment these days, and so i gave it no mind. after ten minutes the clanging hadn't let up though and so i decided to pick myself up from the chair (not an easy task) and go have a look thinking that maybe the frog escaped from our freshwater tank and was now dinner. turns out i wasn't far from the truth, there it lay in the middle of the floor with one of galena's paws on it's back, a mouse. who knew we had mice? but more importantly who knew galena had it in her to catch one? way to go my lazy fat cat, i am impressed indeed. she is now sitting by the front door with an intense look on her face, i wonder if that is where she saw this one in the first place?

in other less macabre news, cohen has taken to climbing. i don't just mean your run of the mill climbing onto the couch or bed, more the variety where we find him sitting in the middle of the kitchen table sipping his cup of milk that mom had accidentally left up there out of his reach, or on top of the tv table holding a bottle of tums (there are a few around here in places i thought were out of his reach, cause you never know when you are going to have a heartburn emergency). it all happened so fast. the first time i saw him on the kitchen table (and yes i said first time) i had no idea he could even climb onto a kitchen chair? things like fish tanks and bookshelves become a little trickier when climbing enters into the equation, (and don't even get me started on some of the stunts he tries to pull off at the playground these days!). i am starting to wonder if the months of calling him monkey have finally gone to his head.

in new baby news, i had an internal at my appointment yesterday to see if all the braxton hicks contractions i have been having have been productive or just plain annoying, and it turns out i am just shy of 3cm dilated. i would say woo hoo, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything really, still with cohen i was closed tight until the night i went into labour, so i will take anything i can get. jokingly i told marko today that i want a baby by sunday, we both chuckled for a moment and then fell silent, because wow, i really could have a baby by sunday. exciting and incredibly overwhelming, mixed in with a little bit of questioning, can i really do this?

if you haven't yet entered a guess as to who this little one is and when they are going to get here then what are you waiting for?


Klay said...

Props to your kitty - she's got skills! When I got a cat she rounded up all the spiders and the mice and sent them packing.

My first guess on the baby was April 10th - Something about that dates seems really far away. Richard has a better guess I think. I noticed that Marita guessed twice so I guess I didn't have to disguise my second guess as Richard's - One thing is for sure, someone will be right. I'm excited for you and your monkey number 2.

Sara said...

I'm so excited, still sending you sweet labor vibes. How exciting!

m said...

Hooray for Galena!

Atticus is also climbing like crazy. He can get into his high chair with the table in place, which scares the crap out of me. I can picture it toppling over as he navigates the table into the chair. And yesterday, I saw him eyeing a game that was on the top shelf of our tall bookshelves. He then stood up and tried to climb the shelf! Any day now, I'm afraid.

Sunday! That would be great. I'm sending you a quick and healthy and an as-pain-free-as-possible labour.

(And yes, I voted twice! ;) )