we are all still under the weather over here. there has been frequent trips to the bathroom and much moaning while lying on the bed, marko and i pushed to the edge with cohen spread out in the middle. cohen is on the mend and is much better than he was 2 weeks ago, but he still isn't himself. i thought i was over it a few days ago, but it turns out i was just in between viruses. marko has it the worst right now. it is all a very sad sight to see. ahhhhh life with kids!

on the plus side, i have been having tons of braxton hicks contractions in the last two weeks, with more than a few actual contractions where my belly tightened and i had to sit down. i never had any before hand with cohen at all, so it is nice to think that my body is getting ready, especially early on. i also went to the doctor today and she said that the baby has made a huge drop and is fully engaged now. i would have put an exclamation point on the end of that sentence, but i am trying to not get my hopes up. to be honest since finishing work i have had a lot more energy (despite being sick) and don't feel in any hurry to get the show on the road, i haven't even pulled out the baby clothes yet. i guess i should do that this weekend.

i wanted to talk more about silvija's visit and show you some of the great things she knit, but it will have to wait, the couch is calling me and it is an offer i can't refuse.


Sara said...

oh sweet girl, I hope you all are feeling better quickly.

Can Not Wait for the baby here. hopeing for a speedy delivery for you, and a healthy baby and mama! Prayers

Klay said...

I hope that all goes well in the coming weeks. I'm excited to see your new addition - I must check the pool - se if I've already lost :) I also hope that you'll all be feeling a lot better soon and can't wait to see those knitted goodies.