all the clever names were taken

i was tagged by laisha for this meme (and i am also confused a little by the name but will go with it). she was tagged by klay. to keep the fire burning i am in turn supposed to tag some of you. if you are tagged you can choose to participate by answering one or more of the following questions on your blog. i am not sure i know 5 other bloggers that would be up for it, but i will pick a few and see what happens.

sara from it's not about that anyway
claire from claire's blog
catriona from the greys are painted pink
dreena from life with the bean
arnold from arnold's westcoast
tag, you're memed...

my answers

what were you doing ten years ago?

i have been thinking about this one quite a bit and the truth is that i can't tell you with any certainty. it has made me wish that i had some kind of an index of where i have been in my life. i remember jobs and boyfriends and apartments, just not the timeline. i suspect i was living in a basement suite that had enormous spiders as frequent houseguests, in a relationship that was all wrong for me or just at the end of my six year relationship with my high school/university boyfriend and working at a retail job that paid me just enough for rent and a case of beer or bottle of wine depending on my mood. either way it wasn't exactly the best of times.

what were you doing one year ago?

i spent the day creating and playing in casa de cohen. these days we sometimes set up casa de cohen still only with a roof over the whole thing and cushions for lounging inside. there is nothing quite like an indoor fort on a rainy day.

five snacks you enjoy?

1. cake, any kind will do, well except cheesecake, although my preference is almost always chocolate, but then there is lemon and banana and carrot....
2. liberte apple pie yogurt (although the walnut and plum will also do in a pinch)
3. wine gums (which we foolishly buy in the huge bag from costco and then eat in a couple of days.....ohhhh my stomach)
4. cashews
5. pear jelly bellies by the handful (it has been far too long!)

five things you would do if you were a millionaire?

1. buy a house that had a plot of grass for cohen to frolic, and a soaker tub for me to relax, oh and a nice kitchen, we can't forget the kitchen.
2. fly marko, the kids, and i to croatia to visit silvija and to bask in the glow of the dalmatian coast
3. pay off the last of my student loan
4. share with my family
5. invest (i know this one seems lame, but a million isn't very much these days and there is the future to think about!)

five bad habits?

1. bite my nails, always have and it seems likely i always will, until i don't have teeth anymore that is.
2. sitting in front of the computer doing absolutely nothing productive for hours on end, craigslist, parenting forums, flickr, and of course blogging.
3. leaving dresser drawers open after i have taken out the clothes (not such a bad habit to me, but if you ask marko he might have a different opinion!)
4. i am with klay here and will concede to avoiding phone calls. sometimes it just seems like too much work.
5. being pessimistic. i believe in the power of positive thinking, i'm just not sure how it's done.

five things you like doing?

1. going swimming with cohen. actually doing almost anything with cohen, but swimming is one of our favourites for sure.
2. taking photographs
3. creating something with my hands, especially when it turns out the way i hoped it would
4. cooking (not to be confused with grocery shopping or cleaning, neither of which i have any interest in)
5. lying under a quilt in the evening reading a good book and sipping a cup of tea

five favourite toys?

1. imac
2. sewing machine (when it is working)
3. canon rebel
4. sony high definition video camera
5. stroller

if you have been following the other memes then you know i left out the "five things i would never wear again". i say, never say never, plus, i couldn't really think of anything.

i know that would have been much better if it had lots of photos, but i don't have any fresh ones so my words will have to be enough.


Klay said...

"5. being pessimistic. i believe in the power of positive thinking, i'm just not sure how it's done."

can I add this to my list to?
You're so funny T, I enjoyed that.

Sara said...

Mine's up sweet girl, hope you're not offended by the entirely truthful things I said about you.

Here ya go.

libragal said...

assignment MeMe complete. thanks commander.