so many things to do, each day is something new

there is no baby yet, in case that is what you are here to see, but that doesn't mean things have been boring, oh no.

there have been bad seventies cop mustaches (and it took 5 tries before i got a picture where he wasn't laughing, i mean what kind of cop laughs, i needed serious!)

and homemade bread (made by someone other than me to boot!)
the first of many

plus today it actually felt like spring for the first time and we spent the whole afternoon outside enjoying it

so although there isn't a wee one in my arms yet, and my bladder is still under attack, things are alright over here.

oh and for those of you that are worried about marko's personal aesthetic, this is what he looked like today...phew


libragal said...

i like the first picture better. i think marko could have a promising future in the police force.

thanks for the bread by the way.

Sara said...

oh my GEBUS, I like totally took a double take, he totally looks I don't know, like a totally different person in the first picture. Wow, and that last picture, they look like their in a story book.

Hugs to you sweets

laish said...

ha! you had your own greasy bo-hunk for a little while! (not sure how bo-hunk is spelled; it's a 16 Candles reference - remember?)

m said...

Oh my! Well, at least Marko isn't an actor who prefers the facial hair school of acting like my dear one. I had to live with a moustache even skivvier than that one for over a month. Yuck.

The blossoms! My heart hurts to look at them. How I miss Vancouver....

libragal said...

by the way m, i can relate - my man is definitely from facial hair school of acting. the grimier the better. maybe we could start a forum - partners against moustache acting. do you think we are enablers or just that we are secretly attracted to these wiggly, dead cells in all their dirty, disgusting glory?

(i have to hand it to you t - you have a great ability to combine something creepy with something equally as beautiful (cherry blossoms) and produce an ultimately entertaining post.)

m said...

libragal-a support/lobby group would be great! PAMA would have many, many members I'm sure. Secretly attracted? Maybe...but only for the beards. The moustaches? Absolutely not!