this was the scene i woke up to at 6 this morning. i guess the pigeon was looking for a place to rest his weary soul and our cracked open window seemed to fit the bill.

so work. it was much better than i expected, although i still think i would have rather been at home. i got right back into the swing of things and it all came back as clear as yesterday within a couple of hours. it felt familiar and inviting, so i guess that was good. there was also something slightly off about that for me though. the realization that i work at a job that you can leave for 13 months and come back only to find everything exactly the same, including the jokes and all the dialogue. a little surreal to be honest. i think it would have been nice if it felt awkward and new, if only for a moment to give me that first day of school rush, but it was not to be. so i am back and it is the same. i guess that means the posts about how much i hate the bus should start rolling in full force. i bet that makes you all excited, doesn't it?


Jennica said...

I love a good whinge about public transit! (Makes me feel not quite so alone.)

Trish said...

It's a surreal thing to come back to work - I agree. I think the fact that I did so much work during my mat leave (and it was only 6 months) made the actual transition back easier. I got a lot of "oh your back already?" comments.

And that's great that Cohen's walking! I was so jealous there when I read your last post I didn't comment - we can't wait for D to walk as this crawling everywhere in public is (a) wearing out all his trousers (b) filthy and (c) getting us dirty looks. Why is it okay for a kid to run around but not to crawl around?

Arnold said...

Ah yes the memories of 5 years of public transit when I went to SFU. Three hours out of my day. Your boy is growing fast!