better days are here again

today was a long day filled with many outdoor adventures. we walked over to commercial, stopping at several parks along the way, and went swimming at the community centre. the sun shone down on us and our short sleeves the entire way.

those moms out there reading this may feel a little nervous to see the sun shining down on cohen without a hat on, and i agree. months ago, when he wasn't quite so strong willed, cohen would allow me to fancy up his head with all sorts of toques and knit caps, but then one day he had a fit, tore it off, and hat shopping has never been the same. i have tried and tried again with no success. i had even resolved that i would get one that fastened and he would have to wear it! something about liking or lumping. every hat i found though had a velcro strap for safety and velcro is no match for the great hat escaper, so eventually i gave up. i knew that it couldn't last forever though, unless he grew a full shaggy head of hair by late spring, a hat was going to be necessary, so i was always on the look.

the search ended today.

this one has a toggle on the string. a toggle is tricky business. i made him wear it around the store to make sure he couldn't get it off. he cried and wiggled and snorted, but he did NOT escape and so i bought it at once and then explained to him what "lump it" meant.

i figure by august he should be used to the idea of the monstrosity on his head, but until then i will just have to persevere.


juno said...

that hat is awesome.
I need a good one for Everett - he is the great hat escaper too!!!

and the sunny days are upon us..where did you get it? and are there small ones for little little heads?


t said...

hey juno! i got it from room 4 two on the drive, and they did have ones smaller. they were in cm and i know for sure i saw one 43, cohen's is 46. they may have had even smaller though.

good luck! hopefully everett won't be able to get it off either!

Mathias (and my entourage) said...

I agree! Mathias hates his hats...sunglasses too! They all come off! Thanks for the tip...though a little far for us...hopefully we can find one closer to home.