i see trees of green, red roses too

i should start by saying that after i wrote last nights blog entry i decided to stay up a little later and wander around the internet catching up with some other blogs i normally read including sweet|salty. i know many of you also read her and if you don't, well the link will explain what i am talking about. like so many other times in my life i was brought back to the present and reminded about the importance of perspective. my sleeping and complaining, although real to me, seemed slightly foolish in the end.

with perspectives in mind let's talk about a new one that cohen and i have been getting lately, namely our brief encounters with outside living. marita had been on the waiting list for a plot in the community garden just a few blocks from our house for over a year, but luckily for us her name came up a few weeks ago and a plot was given. unfortunately this also coincided with her northern bc poetry tour and so i jumped at the chance to help her (and us in the process) out by volunteering to do some clean up on the plot while she was away.

i knew it would be a challenge having cohen down there, what with all the dirt and sticks to chew on, so i made a trip to the salvation army and found a pack and play in pretty decent shape for next to nothing. once i gave it a bath in the tub and aired it out, it was ready for some action, and so yesterday afternoon down to the garden we went. i did some weeding and soil turning, and cohen did some people watching and sun soaking. for a moment we may have actually allowed ourselves to believe that we had a backyard. it was magnificent.

so great in fact that today we went back for some more, this time with a few purchased plants in tow. i look forward to spending time at the garden with marita and the boys, watching the garden grow and in the end hopefully enjoying the fruits of our labour!


Trish said...

sleep is one of those crazy things eh? I respond to stress with insomnia and nightmares which isn't helpful either.

The garden plot looks lovely. I let Duncan eat dirt (but only fine grained dirt, no rocks or anything bad for him) on a regular basis and it doesn't seem to do him any harm. Did cohen handle the playpen okay? We had to put ours away as Duncan's not good with being cooped up.

t said...

i don't think i would mind cohen eating the regular variety of dirt, but this one had far to many bits in it to risk it.

as for the pack and play, so far so good! i had to take him out and let him "walk" every twenty minutes or so, but as long as he was outside the cage seemed ok. i think indoors would be another matter altogether though.