i need help

or in this case, i need advice. i haven't had my hair cut in ummmmmm.....at least 10 months, and so, thinking it was about time, i made an appointment for this saturday. normally i just ask for "the usual" which for the most part involves placing a bowl on my head and cutting, but this time i want something new! and exciting! and fun! i have no idea what that is though. i have this dream where i walk in there with a photo of hair i like (something i have fantasized about but have never actually done) and ask to have it replicated, and she aces the cut, and it looks great! is it possible? i don't know, but i would like to find out. so here is the thing, if you have any suggestions (or links to images) i am all ears, well eyes i guess. i have three days to figure this out, don't let me down, the future of my head depends on it (no pressure though).

last time i got it cut it looked like this, it is now far too long and straggly to post an actual picture of, but you get the idea.


Butterfly said...

I just had mine cut today! Just a trim, typical. But I'm dependant on the length because there is rarely enough time to "do it" so I'm left twisting it up into a clip.

In my dreams I would get one of those super short yet funky and edgy cuts...I'm also afraid that the stylist wouldn't ace it. Lucky me would end up with a Grandma doo instead!

libragal said...

Nick says you should go "short. catriona short. short hot mom short. short is the new hot."
I say if you're not ready for such a radical change, why not go for a graduated bob with layers - shorter at the back (nape of the neck short) and then longer in the front. but becareful not to get a late '90's lesbian cut (no offense to any of your readers).
in short, this is your opportunity to get done what you have always secretly wanted but never had before. marko will still love you. cohen will still love you. it will grow backk in 6 weeks. and if you don't like it, look at this as your opportunity to further explore your love for hats!