i will wait for you, i will wait for no one but you

i see the road, it's just over there, clear as day. but i don't want to go. i like it here on my pad. the security and familairity i have grown to love. they say the lake is better on the other side. not as many frogs, more bugs to go around. i'm not sure though. i think i would rather stay put and do without? what's so great about more anyway?

but you never know, i suppose a change would be nice. i hear the forest is so big you wouldn't believe it. a frog could hop all day and not step on the same spot twice. i like books about adventure, maybe it is time i have one of my own. maybe today is the day. do i feel lucky? not especailly but what has luck got to do with it anyway. either it works or it doesn't, there is no way to know until you do it. maybe i should wait for a rainy day. maybe then the giants would stay at home. but visibility would be compromised, i don't want to get lost. i hate making decisions.

ok i think i can do this. i mean the more i think about it the more i feel a little bored sitting here all day. i mean yeah it is safe, and green and perfect, but when did that mean happiness. wish me luck i am about to jump. i leave my fate in your hands...take a picture of me as i go so that we can always remember this moment, the one that changed my life...

..there was camping and other versions of tomfoolery that took place in the last week (including the frogs). 120 pictures in total. maybe tomorrow they will find their way here, including my new segment, the one i will be calling the "half face picture of the week". you know the one where you hold the camera up and try and take a pic except half a face gets cut off? it is a biproduct of the digital craze. my collection of said portraits has blossomed to the point of sharing...so stay tuned.


Tara said...

Can you possibly fathom how much I enjoy reading your blog? Your posts teeter on, truth and fantasy and I never know which it is with you. I never know if you are referring to your life or otherwise. Keeps me coming back.

If I am reading what I think I am reading, then JUMP!!!!

t said...

interesting you should say that...i honestly hadn't thought of it in duplicitous terms. the literal was that we came upon some frogs on the weekend and it was my version of their thought process. but from this angle i can see how we are all the ones jumping...strange i am normally first to ponder the existential...glad to draw you in.