and so it is, just like you said it would be. life goes easy on me most of the time

the light from the street shines through the curtains, blinding and aware. i sit in the window and watch you as you wait for the bus. orange sneakers with a skip in your step you smile at the people that pass you by. your eyes glance from the road to your watch and back to the paper you read silently as you wait.

i will you to look at me. silent prayers into the warm night air. just look. just once. smile. in that toothy grin i would find something. maybe the thing i am missing.

my water glass is empty now and my throat is dry. when i return from the sink the bus has come and gone and you have left me again. i don't know your name or the colour of your eyes and yet everynight you enter my room and you smile. and the brightness hangs on my wall, a reminder.

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