well on our way to hillbilly village

today we went to trains 2008! it is the third such show we have been to this year, what with a husband who aspires to be one of those "train people" and a boy who runs around all day yelling "choo choo, all aboard!", it was little wonder that we found ourselves deep in the heart of burnaby, basking in the glow of the gymnasium lights. this show was supposed to be better than the others, it was "the" show of the year. i was underwhelmed, if that's a word.

still, there were trains! and they "choo chooed!" so for the boy it was a pretty good time, and really who are we kidding, it was because of him that we went anyway.

one thing that always strikes me as odd at these things though is how abrasive the train men are. sure they are old, having taken up trains as a way to pass the time in their retirement, and so they are more prone to grouchiness, but still, it is a train show with a kidz zone (as a society we really have to stop doing that), there are going to be kids. there were sideways glares and downward smiles at every corner. turns out they weren't super cool with the whole stroller thing. i guess i don't blame them, they are done with kids, they have moved on to trains, and this isn't a game, it is serious business. they don't need little people running around making things fun, someone might have a heart attack.

as you can imagine there was a lot of shop talk, and if you think computer people are the ultimate geeks, you have obviously never been to a train show. however, for all their grouchiness (and i should be fair here and say that not everyone was crotchety, in fact some people were over the top friendly and interactive with cohen), i have to hand it to them, they put a lot of work into these layouts and have found something to keep them smiling (when there is no stroller around, presumably), so good for them. still, i secretly hope that marko doesn't become one of them, although i think he is already well on his way.
hillbilly village


Arnold said...

Ha ha...baby strollers are a train man's kryptonite. They fear these 4 wheelers because in it contains a very powerful force that can destroy peace in train land.

cheesefairy said...

Did we post about trains at the exact same time?

That is a little weird.

If you think TRAIN geeks are the ultimate geeks, you should see the homebrewing beer geeks. (On the other hand, you get beer at the end.)

Randi said...

Wow - I can't help hoping that this is a passing fad of 2008 and they'll be gone by the time Cole is ready for them? Wishful thinking, I'm sure. Like the Raffi CD we were given, I suppose I can get used to it if need be!

I don't think I could stand it if my husband Jamie became a train man too - he's already a massive computer geek... :-)

Randi said...

By the way - forgot my original comment when I got distracted by hopes for a trainless future... Cohen looks super cute in his train clothes and hat! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the pic of Cohen and Marko looking at the train, so simple, but priceless.