turning our blue day red

indoor days
i am certain that the above scene would have made marko more than a little nervous. him and i don't see eye to eye on the use of paints in the house. i see where he is coming from, why risk such an enormous and unnecessary mess? he says i grab too tightly to hippy ideals. i am not sure i would use the word hippy, but i have been known to utter something about allowing the freedom to express ones self in an artistic way, even if it means splatters on the wall. i should back up and say that i am all about expressing oneself in all kinds of ways, not just artistic, although i won't lie, i get a certain type of joy from seeing my kids express themselves with colour. it wasn't that crazy anyway, there was newspaper covering the floors and the paint was as washable as they as come.

besides, i seriously contemplated, albeit only for a moment, having them both get down on the floor and finger paint together. i would have done it, but the logistics of the after huge mess bath got in the way. that good time may have to wait until spring.


Randi said...

It looks like such fun. And I love the idea of both of them painting on the floor - too adorable. Viva la so-called hippy ideals! :-)

I don't know if my opinion will change when the messes get bigger, but even at this stage with food I figure that if it's a positive learning experience for Cole and it cleans up, go for it... He have VERY messy meals.

Randi said...

^ that last sentence was unintentionally cave-woman sounding!

m said...

I've only just braved allowing Atticus to paint and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner! He loves it and I, too, really love watching him create. It's not like they're painting with oils!

And I think it would only be hippyish if he was body painting. Painting at an easel with brushes on paper is downright civilized as far as I'm concerned!