if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

thanks to those of you who reached out with words of kindness on that last post, it means a lot to me. i don't know if it was because i put the words out into the universe or simply the fact that we are all growing into each other, but this week has been so much better than the ones that came before it. provided i make it through tomorrow it will be the first week i have been through where i didn't have one unbearable, sweat rolling down back, tears rolling down cheek, moment. thank goodness!

for those of you that haven't seen the above picture yet, it is a vinyl tree that i recently purchased and had a chance to apply today. it is a bit of a newish fad, this vinyl wall art business, one which i had been quite curious about for some time. i purchased mine from etsy, well from here to be exact. there are hundreds of different styles available on there though, and that seller took more than a month to get mine to me (and it looks like he isn't doing vinyl signs anymore anyway), so i am not sure i would promote their stuff too loudly. have a look around, there is some really neat ones out there.

as for the difficulty of applying it, it wasn't too bad. as a first time user i will say that it was slightly more challenging than some others might have been due to the fine tips of the branches. you see, the vinyl is applied by flattening the surface with a sharp edge to loosen the applique from the sticky back. the tips in some cases didn't want to leave the paper and it took some serious coaxing and pressing on my part to get it off, but worth it. i did picture it as larger in my head, and i am still not certain it is what i want to have on the wall long term, but that is the beauty of vinyl wall art, it comes off as easy as it goes on (although it is a one time usage thing as it won't stick a second time). so tell me, what do you think?

some of you may remember this photo of the living room before we moved in, well here it is now.
living room angle #2 revisited
i am still not completely happy with it, but it is a work in progress, so we'll see.


Sara said...

Awesomeness t! I love it. I want one!

m said...

The tree looks great, T. I was looking into decals for our house, but have completely forgotten about how obsessed I was until seeing yours. Now I want some again. Hmmm....

The living room looks great, but I do think the far wall needs something more. A large splash of colour or perhaps some art on the wall? A focal point of some sorts. I know Marko isn't keen about art on the wall, but I think a collection of some of your amazing photos would really make the room pop.

I'm glad this week is going better! (Knock on wood, universe!)