the day before yesterday marko came home with this. turns out that the printer he went to buy had a $50 rebate towards the camera, and since the camera was only a little more than $100, it seemed like an offer too good to pass up. i am so glad he didn't. i used to have a handheld canon, before i got my slr, and i loved being able to take videos on a whim, i also loved that it fit in my pocket (sort of) and so i could have it with me all the time. eventually it gave up the ghost though and then my slr was purchased. my rebel might take great pictures, but it is a pain in the neck to drag around. i can't believe how small this one is, less than a deck of cards. i guess what i am saying is that you can expect more of this in the future.

aren't you excited?

oh, and galena is still doing great, still no swelling, and she continues to eat and act normal. today she even went and sat on the front step. it may be too soon to say for sure, but i think we just might be in the clear.


auntie Paula said...

Little mr. cohen is just too darn cute. Can sure see he enjoys the park and loved his little chatter and laugh going down that slide...so the joys of children
That was quite the story and experience for Galena. Happy to hear all is well with her. She definitely has nine lives.. :D

Mathias (and my entourage) said...

Hey! I have one of those, I don't think it's as many pixels though. I still haven't figured out how to do the video either and I've had it for a year and a half!!! We got it for Christmas after Mathias was born because our old one had such a long delay, this one is great! What a great price too! Have fun with it, we love it!!!