for fun, just add water

that title could sum up so much of our life right now. cohen these days is all about the water, swimming or jumping in it, splashing it all over, or shooting it at others.

the thing that has been standing out for me the most the last couple of months though is my memory, the way it has been flooding back daily. cohen is at the age where things are happening, he is getting it. playing at the playground is all about imitating a monkey, and adventures in the backyard are about worms and beetles and dirt between toes. it reminds me so much of when i was a child. the splashes of paint on paper and flushed cheeks from a full day spent outside. i can't help but feel excitement at being able to relive all of those memories through the new lens of my family. words just aren't enough.

we embarked on a road trip a couple of weeks ago to clearwater. it was a gathering of my brothers, their families, and my mom. we swam in the campground pool everyday, splashed in the lake, sat around the campfire and hiked in the woods. it was wonderful to get away, and for cohen to be with all his cousins. it is always a bittersweet time for me though, as i can't help but mourn the fact that my brother aaron and i don't live closer to each other. growing up aaron and i were very close, we shared a room as kids and were roommates for a few years in our twenties. i think we both thought that one day we would raise our families together, close, like we were, but sometimes life has different plans. work took him north, and i have to admit he is happier there then he was in the city, and so our time together it sporadic, his son jonah, someone i have seen only a handful of times. we talk about it still happening one day, it may or it may not, but i like to think about it, jonah and cohen playing hockey in the lane. only time will tell, for now though i cherish the little time that we do have.

i won't bore you more with talk of the trip, instead here are some pictures. for the rest of them go here

cohen and jonah practicing for that game they will one day play in the lane

everyone but ada and i

some other random favourites

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