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avner dean
yesterday cohen, silvija and i went and met avner. it was a bit surreal seeing how small he was and trying to remember what life was like when cohen was so wee. i guess my memory isn't built for holding such tidbits because looking back it doesn't seem like it was possible, but it was. soon i will have my own pint size baby again, seeing avner made me start to get a little excited.

i know marita mentioned his head in her announcement, but it looked perfect to me. everything about him looked perfect, including his incredibly long fingers and toes. cohen seemed to take to him alright, although he was mostly indifferent preferring to play with atticus' train. he did come over and rub his head twice while he was crying though (and both times he calmed him down), so that is a good sign. it is a lot different when it is someone elses baby though.

in other news, it has been awhile since we have seen video on the blog so i thought i would share a clip from the video i took the other night of cohen playing the piano. his uncle is a very talented and accomplished musician and he reads the blog...so tell me, does he have a chance?


Mathias (and my entourage) said...

I think that Cohen has a lot of potential. They are just so musical at this age aren't they? Mathias loves his recorder and xylophone and he's even made symbols out of pot lids!

libragal said...

i love the traditional big finish - it's very surprising yet rewarding after such a deep and groundbreaking number.