no more monkeys jumping on the bed

wow, that was so much easier than i expected (knock on wood). as you can tell from the picture, we decided to go the bed route instead of the tent. there were a couple of days of serious debate, but in the end the bed seemed like the right solution for us. partly it was because the only store that was selling the tent wanted $100 for it and many reviews had indicated that the tents didn't last, that holes in the mesh were not uncommon. then there was also the fact that sooner or later we are going to have to move him into a bed anyway, he doesn't have the luxury of being one of those kids that stays in the crib until he is three, the new baby is going to need it within 6 months. we talked about how if we do it before the baby then it won't seem like the baby took anything away from him, and many sources sited 8 weeks as enough time to make the transition before the new baby arrives, so we took the plunge and went today and bought a bed.

cohen helped dad put it together, his help mostly involved keeping tabs on the screws and by keeping tabs i of course mean walking around with his mitts full humming with delight. once it was up he quickly climbed on to get a better look and then clapped (cohen's way of saying "all right!"). everything was looking good.

we did the usual bedtime routine, bath, milk, story, teeth and goodnights all around, and then marko set him in the bed and pulled up his sheets. miraculously, he closed his eyes and stayed in place so marko came back out into the living room. as one would predict though, we soon heard the pitter patter of little feet and then a boisterous laugh and clapping as he rounded the corner to say hello. i told marko he was crazy if he thought cohen would just stay put, he said "you never know", and so he held his hand and walked back into the bedroom, helped him back into bed, gave him another good night kiss and then left the room again. it has been twenty five minutes now and there has been no more pitter patter, no crying, no nothing. those of you that are parents may be saying "ahh ha! silence then huh? i bet he is in there pulling all the clothes out of your drawers". don't worry, it was the first thing i thought too, but peeking in i can see that he is still in bed and all is calm.

so that is the beginning, not bad at all. i wonder how this story ends?


lori said...

that's great tara!

sosi was the same. she seemed almost happier in a bed.

the cutest thing about it is when they come out after a nap all by themselves all sleepy and sneak up on you. so sweet.

laish said...

congratulations to all of you on the transition! nice bedding, too.

as nice as that bedding is & as cute as cohen is, I'm jonesing for a belly shot up here! I want to be able to picture you in my mind's eye but when I do, you end up with m's proportions (because those are the most recent photos I've seen) but I really hope is not the case!


Sara said...

Thats fantastic Tara. I'm so glad its working for you so well. I hope this works as well for Dylan. For some reason I'm seriously dreading it, maybe its the literally months I spent walkng Alex back to bed every 15 minutes for hours on end. I did the same ting with Alex, putting him in new bed before the baby came.

My mom's in icu, I may have told you already, anyway that's why I was late on responding.