a little more red, over here! he said

if you have been perusing the flickr account at all then you know that cohen has been doing a little finger-painting lately. i made him an apron back in november and then went out and bought some tubs of goo and it has been good times ever since. sometimes he gets bored after 10 minutes and tries to stand up and run away with his hands flailing in front of him, looking for a blank white wall, but sometimes he can sit and play with the paint and the tub for an hour or more, painting and then repainting the canvas over and over. today was just such an occasion. he stacked the containers on top of each other "counting" as he went along and then dove into the paper, his elbows covered in crimson and blue as he swayed from side to side making his mark. the final product is what you see up there in the new header, or at least part of it anyway.

i think art is such a great thing to do with kids and ever since he was tiny i have been waiting for the time when he can create. we have dabbled in crayons a little but they don't seem to hold his interest the way paint or pencils do, so tomorrow i am going to go and buy him some pencil crayons and maybe some washable markers as well.

i guess this means that soon i will be one of those moms who has their children's art all over the house (and the blog), constantly exclaiming how wonderful the use of colour is (and it will be, you wait).

don't say i didn't warn you.


Sara said...

man he's cute

you just made my day, i love his painting, and at 1am waiting on my mom to get out of emergency surgery i needed something to smile about,


Klay said...

Oh I love that!

lucy said...

I'll consider myself warned. However, I think it's my duty as Auntie to declare the genius of every stroke, splatter, & smear!