a chip off the old block?

today was my first flex day in what seemed like forever. usually i get every second wednesday off and just work a little longer the other nine days, but at the beginning of the semester we have flex black outs which means no days off to play in the sun with cohen. i was excited to finally have the day to ourselves again and wow did we make the most of it.

we started off ambitiously with a trip planned out to UBC to do some swimming and visit with some of my co-workers. it would be our first swim since the municipal strike began months ago, ubc aquatic center being one of the only pools around not run by the city. we left at 9:20, a time i thought would be tolerable for the express bus that runs the 35 minutes out to the university. i was mistaken. we stood and waited as bus after bus after bus (make that 25 buses, honestly) went by that were full to capacity. it was 9:52 when a driver finally took pity on us and made room to allow us on. i couldn't believe it was still so busy at that time...sigh. i was nervous about the belly aching that such a long ride might create (especially with so many people) but i was wrong, he was great with big smiles and quiet contemplation the whole way. so we swam and we visited, which meant he mostly charmed and entertained large circles of crowds. it was nice to bring him out to work, i think the last time we went he was only 6 months old.

the ride home was easier to achieve and he slept the whole time. in fact, he continued to sleep for quite some time after we got home, hunched over in his stroller. eventually i decided to take him back out (still asleep) to go and see my friend dreena's new house. cohen woke up about half way there, which made him ready to explore all four floors (!) of house once we got there. he doesn't get much opportunity for stairs so he had fun climbing them one by one, as well as playing with the bouncy chair in the soon to be nursery. the house was beautiful and so big! i couldn't imagine having so much space, it would be a dream come true.

after exploring, the three of us decided to walk to seb's for lunch. cohen and i shared banana bread french toast which i must say was even better than it sounds. in fact, we had to stare each other down for the last couple of bites, me being the sucker i am gave in. i am sure he ate more than i did. then we went walking for an hour in the sun (including a quick stop at the salvation army where cohen got a very cute new shirt) and finally came home to start dinner sometime around 5. such a good day.

tonight wasn't as great though. cohen has a bad habit of standing in the tub. he likes to turn the tap on and off and pull the shower lever up. we are always trying to get him to sit down, but trying is not the same as doing and as i have mentioned he is strong willed. so tonight while he was being defiant and standing, he slipped and hit his face on the side of the tub chipping his front tooth. he didn't cry for long and it looks like it is minor enough that it didn't cause nerve damage, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. it just reconfirms that we need to be more careful with him. it is so hard to know where the line is between freedom and danger at this age. i worry that next will be a broken arm or worse, he just has no fear. so now to add to the possible scar on his forehead he also has a chipped front tooth. good grief.


m said...

Sounds like a perfect day! (Except bathtime, of course. Poor guy.) I bet it was great to be swimming again. How is the pool there for little ones?

laish said...

okay, I have to ask - 4 floors AND close to seb's, honestly? where is dreena's house? does she realize she is now practically a mythical creature: someone who can afford to buy a house in vancouver?!?

Trish said...

D's got a chipped tooth too - and we don't even know when it happened! Hope Cohen's okay...