the worst of times

it looks like i have may have spoken too soon. it started on tuesday night when he threw up his dinner all over the place and then went on to have a 39 degree fever. it didn't compute with me at first, we were thinking flu maybe? it was on wednesday morning when the fever was still there and his eyes were as droopy as his limbs that i realized, it was the MMR shot. the statistics are there, a certain percentage of kids (around 20%) will see a fever reaction 7-10 days after the shot. marko stayed home with him for the day and they relaxed, we hoped that would be enough.

thursday morning he still wasn't himself though and so i elected to stay home. i am glad i did, his temperature was up and down all day, he wasn't really interested in food, slept 3.5 hours for his morning nap and then had two bouts of diarrhea. he was a grouchy melting down mess all day, but by the evening he seemed to have come back around and was acting himself. we thought we were in the clear.

this morning we woke up once again to a fever only this time it was accompanied by the rash you can see here. it is another side effect, this time prevalent in around 5% of kids who get immunized. they show signs of the illness itself. so cohen has little red measles like bumps all over his face, chest, and back and only this evening have they spread to his legs. there is a patch on his forehead where he keeps scratching and so it is raw. i feel so bad for the little pooper, he just isn't acting himself, so many fits and tears and so much frustration (from both of us).

i hope it passes soon and that all is ok in the end. i'm sure it will be. right?


Tara said...

awww poor cohen... i hope he feels better soon ((((( Hugs ))))) for cohen

Kleja said...

He does look sad and frustrated. Poor little guy - I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Juno said...

oh my heart goes out to you guys...
poor little digger...he is going to be fine. He is a strong healthy boy who will be bouncing up and down in no time.

love to you all

m said...

That's terrible! I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Did you contact the Health Unit to let them know? I know that when Atticus got his shots they told me to let them know if he showed any symptoms. I know that he did, but it was about 3-4 weeks afterwards and so at the time I didn't think it was because of the MMR and so didn't call them, but the more I think about it, the more I think it was a late reaction. And I bet that the percentage is much higher than 20%. That's just based on parents reporting. I bet there are lots more parents like me who didn't call in.

I hope you are all doing better very very soon. Stuff like this is hard on everyone.

laish said...

Poor buckaroo! I hope he's feeling better, if not already, then very soon. xol