with glowing hearts

this afternoon i found myself sympathizing with the sentiments put forth on lori's blog. most days it is hard not to think about what it would be like to have a house and a yard, a place to put a little pool shaped like a crab for cohen, or a patio set for us and our friends, a bbq and some grass. it isn't something that will ever happen for us, at least not to own, not here in vancouver. even renting the main floor of a house is starting to become out of our league. so in my head when i think about these things i think about a small town, and when i dream about a small town i dream about something many have told me doesn't exist. those who hail from small places are quick to remind those of us who idealize such a thing, that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. what about all the city things we would miss, they ask, things we take for granted now? mostly i pass their arguments off as rubbish, sure i would miss the big libraries, the aquaruim and ample parks, but wouldn't the quiet life be worth it? then i have a perfect weekend like this one and i remember what it means to live in a city, how great it can be. i contemplate all i would lose if i left, and suddenly city life doesn't seem so bad.

we had planned to partake in some free jazz at the park on sunday to celebrate canada day, but when we saw the weather forecast we thought it best to head to david lam park for the jazz on saturday instead, better safe than sorry. it was a glorious day, warm and sunny with just enough of a breeze to make it comfortable. we walked along the water to the park, stopping at cooper's park for some oceanfront swinging and then pushed on through to the bandstand. there were hundreds of people relaxing on the grass, children swaying to the beat, vendors selling donuts and hot dogs and other fair foods that filled the air with sweetness. we found our spot and sat listening to the drums and guitars, cohen laughing and dancing, waving hello to those who passed us on their travels. afterwards we took our time walking home, stopping in shops and on a sidewalk for some coffee before finally landing back at our place just in time for some dinner.

we expected rain on sunday and so had not planned for anything. much to our surprise when we all woke for the first time at 10 am (!) we saw that the sun was shining and the sky was an inviting shade of blue, so as we waited for our croissants to bake we contemplated what to do with our day. in the end we decided to fall back on our original weekend plan and headed out for some more canada day jazz in the park, this time at granville island. thinking ahead i brought cohen's bathing suit and a towel so that he could frolic in the water park for a bit. surprisingly, considering how hot it was outside, the water there was quite cold, cold enough to deter marko and i, but cohen is not easily scared when it comes to water and so we persevered. he thought it was so fantastic and frequently let out squeals of delight. afterwards we dried off and headed towards the smell of bbq. two perfectly cooked burgers, people watching and a cohen nap later, we headed towards the market for some fruit. as we got closer it became apparent that to enter the market together was to ask for trouble, it was just too busy, so as marko and cohen sat outside listening to a busker, i ventured in for a large stash of local strawberries, cherries and raspberries, and then got out as quick as i could! once again we walked home along the water and stopped for some more swinging, this time on the other side of the bay. we got home just in time to all crawl into bed and have a late afternoon nap together. what a great day!

today we thought we would stay close to home and relax, but after lounging away the morning the weather seemed just too nice to miss out on so we headed out to the coffee shop for a couple of cups to go and off to the park we went. we shoveled sand and slid down slides, swang on swings and rocked on wobbly dolphins, made some new friends, and then we headed back home. we were lazy and ordered pizza for dinner, and then in celebration of canada, we made a strawberry/raspberry shortcake with whipcream on top for dessert.

i go back to work tomorrow, but marko is staying home one more day to be with the pooper as grandma is in prince george visiting jonah. i wish i could stay home too, but knowing those two they will have plenty of fun without mom getting in the way, and sometimes that is important too.


Tara said...

sounds like the perfect weekend!

libragal said...

what an ideal way to spend canada day! and not far off from what i did all the way over in the french countryside - minus the buskers and the people and the coffee shops. you're absolutely right - despite the beauty and spaciousness of country life, city living really does have some uncomparable advantages!
happy national birthday.

laish said...

t, you're killing me - killing me! your entry could be called 'why laish sometimes misses vancouver so much heart aches.' sigh. okay, being able to walk outside on to our own patio in our pajamas is great. having our own little park-like backyard to lie on a quilt with jonah & mika is great. but, damn, that weekend sounded perfect & I wish we could have been there with you!

m said...

Good for you for getting out and enjoying every last moment of the weekend. Sounds supberb!

I'm sure going to miss this city. Sigh.

Trish said...

grass is always greener right? We're just trying to always make the most of where we are. (That being said, you brought back such great memories of Granville Island that my chest hurt for a minute)