tonight i finally got motivated enough to trek down to the community garden and dirty my hands. i have been thinking about it for weeks, but thinking isn't doing. turns out that in order to "do", i simply needed the promise of some good company and a cold beer. it was a lovely night for it, albeit a little warm for my liking (no i am not complaining, how dare i complain about heat after all that complaining about rain...i know). one huge garbage bag filled with weeds, a handful of raspberries and a couple of peas later we called it a night. the plot is halfway there, another night and it will be back in business. i don't know what it is but there is something immensely satisfying about pulling weeds and watching as the beauty of the plants buried beneath come to the surface.

oh, and before i forget, that which was lost has now been found, this time under the seat of my mom's car. hope had long since flown out the window, luckily it came back to find me in the end.


Tara said...

YAY Im so glad that you found it...
My veggie garden is doing great despite a few ups and downs with squash & zucchini =(

m said...

Thanks for weeding! It really needed to be done and it's so hard to dive in when watching a mobile baby.

Last time I was there in noticed some tomatoes on vines. Very exciting.

And yay about the ring!