what's wrong with being a boring kind of a guy?

so i slept today. in fact i slept like no one has ever slept before. i would try and wake up but then i would think about how i had to pack stuff or clean stuff and then i would fall asleep again. i spend more than half my life in a dream. i would blame it on the baby but today i think i was just feeling a little bit of the blahs.

when i finally did get out of bed it was well past 4, and yes that is in the afternoon. i dragged my ass to the store to fill our water bottle (thinking that maybe the reason i am feeling so blah is a serious lack of H20). this meant going to the buy low grocery store which is about as ghetto as grocery stores get. it has this smell the is quite memorable but not quite describable. something along the lines of rotting vegetables and old people.

on my way home i got a sushi menu from sushiyama, as i had already decided that dinner was going to be made for me. then i trudged home and crawled back into bed. sometime around 6 i awoke again and decided to decode the sushi menu. i have always wondered what all those exotic sounding rolls were and so i set to work using ye olde internet. i had great success and learned much including the contents of a spider roll (go ahead ask, i know you want to know). then i ordered. then i got the sushi. then i ate.

watched mystery train which is an early jarmusch movie and ate popcorn and grape soda oh and some stale m&m peanuts from the fine establishment in the bottom of my building. when that was done i started reading some blogs where people were being all judgey about other peoples blogs calling them boring and mundane and stupid. then i decided to prove them right and come here and be all of those things so as to keep up the status quo.

now i am going to go back to bed.

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