keep it up girl, yeah you turn me on

so have you seen the hasselhoff video yet? it is an oldey but a goody.

i am at work right now and i want to pull out all of my eyelashes one by one cause i am both incredibly bored and ridiculously taxed. for those that don't know i answer the phones for a living, customer service i guess. most days it is a walk in the park but then sometimes you hit a day that knocks you over. everyone is difficult or angry or frustrated. mostly all of the above. don't worry it isn't lost on me that my demeanor has a lot to do with how people interact with me and that it only takes two assholes to throw it off. but never you mind about that. it is always their fault, i am flawless. today is one of those days. i wish i was sleeping. i wish i was one of those people who write on their blogs all day about how they went shopping or ate pizza but nary a mention of employment, of responsibility. of actually having to do anything productive at all. sigh...i should have married someone rich so that i could stay home all day heckling the cleaning lady.

so i am here trying like mad to skirt responsibility and still make the time go by faster. i have watched that video three times, i guess you could say i am high on believing. well only 2 hours and 15 more minutes, if i add in bathroom breaks that should be more like an hour and a half...maybe i will see if i can find some more videos.

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