we can all be free. maybe not in words. maybe not with a look. but with your mind

climbing ladders is a complicated business. you think it is merely a matter of wrung by wrung but what if the structure is unsafe, what if your shoes are slippery on the bottom, your head dizzy from the fumes? is it possible, half way up, to forget how to do it and freeze?

for me the hardest part of climbing ladders is figuring out what to do once you reach the top. maybe up there you find another ladder that replaces all the complications of the first. i hope not. i would like to think that at some point you see the light. without the end it is all just a beginning. i don't know if i am strong enough for that. not anymore.


nicole said...

that sounds scary! what is it about? is the ladder referring to that gloomy 'ladder' of clerks at ubc? what aren't you strong enough for anymore? what's going on?!?!?!?! talk to me!!!

t said...

no, no, not literally. although i think there is a bit of the corporate shuffle in there. clerk at ubc stands. beginnings, that's all. beginnings take a lot of work, of all varieties i guess. i would like to think that this new job leads up and up and i don't always have to feel like i am starting over...if that makes any sense. blah.