how much longer until this ship lands on shore?

so just what is it that can be blamed for the decline of the workplace environment? is it lack of financial reward? respect? training? or is it, as my business degree friend likes to tote, lack of a challenge? I think that the answer is not easily obtained. i know that here in this night time employment i maintain, that it is simply a lack of positive. it is all "my way or the highway". either you're in or you're out so shut up and get to it. this of course, is the easiest way in the book to "manage". it means nothing in the end.

today at my other job, the one i spend my days at, i was introduced to an environment that demonstrates fully that it is possible to have calm in the midst of a storm. there was no question, it just was. but i guess that comes from working independently. sure it is part of a larger unit and we all play a part, but ultimately you go into the battle alone and only you have the opportunity to make of it what you will.

back to now, here at this work, i am constantly reminded that without the rest of the team, it's nothing. and so it becomes ever more important to look back and ask why and look ahead and ask how? it goes through cycles this malaise, and no doubt it will pass, but for now it is heavy on my shoulders when i walk in to a room where everyone is imagining being somewhere else. but i guess i don't blame them. at least i got out. at least i, after all this time, am finally somewhere else. something more to add to the list of things that i am constantly grateful for.

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