it's a classic case of i don't know where it went

so let me ask you this, is it really the thought that counts? or is it something more. surely substance has to account for something? cause let me tell you i came up short today. i was filled with the best intentions but instead ended up with a well dressed plant that stunk like smelly sweat socks that may or may not give the recipient a devouring headache. it seemed like such a good idea at the time. but after leaving the plant selling establishment it quickly became obvious that it wasn't lavender that i was carrying but in fact a mutant form of a devil plant sent masquerading as a decent honourbale plant that was in fact gross. there is no other way to put it. oh well, at least the card was nice and i don't work there anymore so who cares. being thoughtful is overated anyway.

in other somewhat related news i have discovered beyond a shadow of a doubt that i suffer from the dibilitating disease of perfectionism, i fail miserably at it but still it is there. i think that in itself deserves a post, i can reminisce over humilating anecdotes involving me, a gluestick and pulled out hair. tonight i am just going to put it all on red and let it ride. cross your fingers for me.


nicole said...

Hey - don't stress it! I think the plant was very lovely and did not smell bad once we got it inside (have I told you this already??). I can guarantee you that the thought/intentions of the gift override the strange smell. Besides, we needed some stress in our numbingly boring day. Smelly plant + card-making obsessiveness = something to talk about other than mail.

Tara said...

Im sure the person on the receiving end of the plant is very greatful that you thought so highly of them... Even if you are basically saying they stink. j/k The kindness in your heart meant more then the gift itself. Don't sweat it. Besides you are at the lucky end of the stick, you don't have to smell it any longer.

The layout looks awesome. You outdid me, I couldnt figure out how to put a graphic as the background. Sure now I will have to go learn!!!!!