putting myself in their shoes, one foot at a time

so the question of the day, the one we all come to know the answer to in the end, if we are lucky...or i suppose for some, unfortunate enough. what is it like to be old? is it a little like being a chronic pot smoker? always feeling slightly hung over and achy, a cough that plagues you and the inability to remember moment to moment. you leave the house get to the bus and remember you forgot your coat and your busfare? or maybe just forget why you are at the bus stop at all? cause if it is like that i am not sure how good that is going to be. i suppose there was never any contractual obligation that it was going to be fun...for that bullshit thinking you need only look to the previous post. but still?

i would like to think that there is a wisdom that settles in with age. that the need to make and do and be something leaves you and for the first time in your life you play by your own rules. this is why they take so long to count the change at the til, this is why they say out loud crazy stuff that most of us only think, because they can. they have finally realized that all that other stuff doesn't matter. what matters is how i feel right now in this moment and what i feel like doing. self centred to be sure, but honest. wouldn't we all be happier that way? so i need to figure that out, the old person persona, and live it, but maybe at a slightly faster pace. cause if i figure it out now i may be in for a lifetime of happiness and at this point anything is worth a shot.

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