where one door closes...

i meant to get to this last friday but i was asleep before 9, a true sign that i am pregnant (and perhaps getting a little old). then there was saturday, but it was snowing and there was fun to be had so that didn't work either. monday i went to a concert with catriona, and last night was nicole's 30th birthday dinner...yummm! all this to say, excuse me for the delay.

what i would have said last friday is that it was cohen's last day with his nanny and dante, the little boy he shared the nanny with. don't worry we didn't quit because things were bad (although they were a little, but more in a minute), we quit because we didn't need it anymore. you see, marko has to take some vacation time before the end of the year and silvja (aka baka, or my mother in law) will be here on december 23rd, so with grandma still taking two days a week and marko taking on the role of stay at home dad, we seem to have it covered. no doubt baka's days will happily be spent tending to cohen's every need and spoiling him like any baka is prone to do. she is here until the end of february and then i am on maternity. maternity, wow! it is coming up so quick. i can't wait to get back to spending my days with cohen and the little monkey to be.

it was a tough day, knowing it would be the last. sure there had been some issues, often being sent home in a dirty diaper that had been left on way too long causing the occasional rash, and the insistent on snacks at 4:30 even after i stated i didn't want it (he never would eat a proper dinner after), but cohen loved amy and always had big smiles when saw her in the morning. plus, there is dante the seemingly perfect friend for cohen. we don't have a playmate replacement at our house, over here cohen just has us. still, now he has unlimited cuddles and one on one attention, late breakfasts with dad and soon to be long walks with baka, and that ain't bad either.

we have decided that it would be nice to keep in touch, so every second wednesday we plan on meeting up at the open gym at the mt. pleasant community centre. we went last week for the first time, it was great fun, if not extremely chaotic. the boys seems to really like it.

here are some pictures of dante and cohen both at dante's home and at the community centre. it was quite the challenge to get one with the two of them together!


that is amy on your left in this picture, she hates having her photo taken so i don't have any better!

in other news, i have been very crafty lately. there has been much sewing and decoration creating and soap making. hopefully i will get to an update here with what i have been doing and some pictures (but not too many as much of what i am doing is for gifts, gifts for some of you!) soon.

in the meantime i am looking for suggestions. what are a few of your favourite children's books? i know there are many of you that read this from time to time and never comment, so now is your chance, let your voice be heard!


Heather & Family said...

Sandra Boynton is awesome! Our personal favorites are My oh my oh dinosaur and Blue Hat Green Hat.

Congrats on the new home situation, sounds like everything is working out well!

laish said...

I know I'm not one of those people who doesn't comment often, but! - I will save a couple of my favourites because, who knows, Santa might be dropping them off for me...
BUT, CBC radio is having their annual xmas children's book panel right now. You can look at their list later on the Sounds Like Canada website.

m said...

There are soooo many to choose from! Some older books that are considered classics either by others or myself(!) are:
Where the Wild Things Are
The Snowy Day
The Monster at the End of the Book
The Giving Tree (though I can't read this one without crying)

Some more recent books:
Anything by Oliver Jeffers. We have Lost and Found which Atticus adores and he'll be getting How to Catch a Star for Christmas. We have The Book Eating Boy from the library and it has become a favourite, too.
When You Were Small
Guess How Much I Love You
Alphabeasts (or anything by Wallace Edwards)

I'll stop there, though I could go on and on....

Are you looking for any type of book? Counting? Alphabet? Age range?

Oh and a hooray for Baka joining you soon!

And I can't wait to see your craftiness!

Anonymous said...

The very hungry caterpillar is a great kids book... anything Shel silverstein or dr suess...