that was then, this is now

last year

this year
picture with santa

i think santa maybe looks a little older, must be all that whiskey.

and ummm why does cohen's hair look so red this year, must be the reflection from those flashy velvet curtains santa has encasing his lair.


auntie marj said...

Merry Christmas Tara, Marko and Cohen. I can sure see the Deans side of Cohen in this pic. What a sweetie......all the best in 08..luv auntie marj

Klay said...

in this picture Cohen reminds me of an irish longshoreman. Common Santa, lets have us a pint.

t said...

ha ha klay, i thought the same thing! either that or a smarmy british schoolboy which i think may be his alter ego.

merry christmas to you too auntie marj, hope you have fun in mexico you lucky bum!