i am thinking about upgrading my capacitor

5 things that make me say "lame" today

1. waking up with my cats ass in my face

2. the assholes that chased the crow in the sub today, they aren't cool or funny or nothin. they suck. end of story.

3. the guy who insisted he paid his tuition for summer until i proved him wrong and then he got all sheepish and gave me even more shit until i told him who's who and what's what and he fucked off. academic leave huh? you don't say. wanker.

4. when the elevator sits at the bottom floor while i fiddle with the key, and it stays on the bottom as i rush across the lobby but then, without warning, it leaves as i press the up button. it always goes all the way to the top and comes back down minutes later with nothing but my broken heart inside.

5. poverty, injustice, starvation and tragedy. i figure these can all go together in a lump category called bullshit. poverty is the guy who sits by planet bingo that looks 40 but can't be more than 22, everyday i see him there and he never says a thing. he makes me want to do something but i don't know what it is. my apathy appals me. injustice is the fact that incredibly smart people slave away at subway for $8.50 an hour while a bunch of wankers drink coffee and gossip at ubc for $20. starvation is my mind which is hungry for inspiration, and lastly we come to tragedy, the biggy. there are so many to choose from but today i will say tragedy is that a woman made the mistake of a lifetime and let her eye leave her two year old son for only a moment only to find him a short time later face down in the pool. it happens all the time and it makes no sense. why?

maybe tomorrow i will put on my happy face and flip the coin. maybe not.

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Tara said...

I dont like the sadness in your words. Happy thoughts girlfriend, happy thoughts. We had a drowning here on the 3rd, 5 yr old little boy, mom ran to a neighbors to drop off a jello flag desert or something. Left the little boy in the backyard playing. 6 siblings in the house. He went next door and found his way into a covered pool. Neighbors daughter heard a noise but didnt see anything, an hour later she went out to swim with her 8yr old friend and found him. I wonder why his mother hadnt noticed him missing in that long hour. They are a family of wealth with their snazzy cars and diamonds, yet no nanny to tend to the little ones? My aunt believes all 7 are under the age of 10.

Im sick of the tragedies of life. Its time for a new beginning.. Wanna come on a magic carpet ride with me?
(We deserve it)