heads it's you, tails it's me...now flip

well i failed to add to the list the other day one more thing that makes me say lame...when your computer at home dies for no apparent reason. alas it is fixed now as the show must go on, and on it will go.

as promised top five things that make me say "nice" today

1. that i get to work here in the welcome centre where the ceilings are high, the workload low and the natural light a plenty.

2. the colour orange

3. that tonight i get to go to my very first pottery class. after years of having it near the top of my to do list i am finally taking the plunge. despite the fact that i didn't think to bring crappy clothes that i didn't mind ruining, i can't wait to give it a try!

4. that our computer is fixed and my greatest fears weren't realized. you see, our computer is like our car, if we had one. luckily i am married to a mechanic, well a computer mechanic anyway. but that means he always wants to upgrade and get the very best. he is a boy, it is a computer, generally that is how these things work. so when our computer breaks and he starts using words like "newest technology" i get a little antsy, particularily when it involves me giving him my debit card. well it only cost $130 (which pales in comparison with the number in my head) and it is working. may i never doubt you again.

5. the way my cat looks when she is curled up in her little cat paw house. i doubted she would use it, "why would she? she will see right through it, cats don't do what you want them to do that is the very essence of being a cat" i said. but no, it turns out she loves the thing, depsite the fact that she barely fits and parts of her girth hang over the edge. it is perhaps the single most satisfying thing i have ever seen. i took a picture, if i was at home i would include it but, alas one more thing to put on the "another time" pile.

well you see i could keep going... the happy does win out after all, the sad was just the first to come. probably because (as we have said before) to really own something you need to pay for it, and sometimes the things we pay the most for are the ones that come the most easily to mind.

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