the pleasure, the privilege was mine

it was a lovely affair complete with a wondeful buffet and the female equivalent of adam sandler in the wedding singer...come on everyone let's polka! (i have a picture of her but today is not your day, there simply wasn't room to include it...or was there?) the bride was radiant and so very calm, it was actually slightly eery. i suspect it was all a carefully programmed facade...look you, you're not fooling anyone! and the groom? well in the few conversations i had with him he seemed a little nervous, a bit overwhelmed and extremely happy. and the best news of all? it's over...the rest of your lives here you come.

i got home and realized i didn't sign the guestbook...ahhhh crap. i think that makes me the equivalent of rock moss, especially since we were reminded a thousand times. marko says we can sneak a sign in when we come up to pg in august and no one will be any wiser...i am fessing up. maybe i can make like mom and say "i don't do guestbooks" but we would all know that's a lie.

so how was the speech you ask? not bad, not bad at all. i don't want to make a career out of public fits of emotions but if i were to change my mind i have proven in spades that i am qualified, we'll leave it at that.

so one last thought. the couple asked that we sing a love song or read a poem in order to get a kiss. many sang and we all laughed, one read a poem and the couple they kissed and kissed and kissed. on the ride home i felt somewhat remorseful that i never sang a ditty, i was listening to my ipod and this song came on. i think it is perfect and now i wish i had thought of it.

all right it's my double-shift day and i am sleepy. marko is brewing some philosopher's brew, i guess that means i have to go contemplate the state of the world, wish me luck.



Tara said...

You are such a NATURAL BEAUTY. Im glad you had a wonderful time and the speech went well. I had faith in you the whole time. You just have a way with words. =)
The pictures are awesome, thanks for sharing. Cept.. umm what was that tomatoe in a bowl looking food? LOL

Tara said...

Oh jeez I just realized you can click the word speech and read it. Absolutely beautiful. Im all ready for the airport, now I need a make-up touch-up. Reading that makes me even happier I decided to go to Ohio this week. Thanks for the reassurance.