watch your back, it's wet out there

baths! together!

ok, after this i swear i will cool it with the poladroid, for at least a week anyway. i have to ask though, why is nostalgia so damn appealing?

i took this one tonight. the kids often have baths together now. more nostalgia i suppose. there were many reasons why i knew i wanted more than one child. i think the biggest one was cohen's social tendencies, his need for companionship. there is no question that ada's arrival was one of the greatest things in his life so far. quick to hug and kiss and slow to scorn, they have become fast friends. i laugh at how grown up she seems at this age compared to him. constantly mimicking her older brothers actions, she eats more food from the table and seems to understand so much more around her then i thought was possible.

in the afternoons when we get up from naps we have a cuddle puddle, an awful term to be sure, but i said it once and it has stuck. we all lie in one big pile and cuddle, our eyes half open, still mostly asleep. cohen often lets out big sighs of contentment while ada squeals with delight. it truly is something to behold, and makes up ten fold for the four o'clock crying festival which often proceeds the dinner time all hell breaking loose. the money is in the cuddle puddle, that and the night time bath.

i remember having baths with my brother. it isn't just from photos i remember either, i remember from actual recollection. i loved having a brother, no, i love having a brother. i love everything about it, even the really awful stuff. i love knowing that there is someone else out there who understands, who was there. family vacations, tree fort expeditions, lemonade stands and road trips to relatives for christmas. they were there. my brothers. that is the other reason i had more than one. i just couldn't imagine it any other way.

i hope that ada and cohen grow up close, that i am able to nurture that and see it grow. i know it will have it's challenges as they get older, more stubborn in their ways, but if i do it right it will work and then they will have what i have, the warm blanket of always knowing that no matter they will always have a best friend.

in case the photo wasn't enough, here is some video.


laish said...

awww. I just read this, after already posting my own about how everyone seems to be offering me such dire forecasts of life with two wee ones the closer I get to that reality. this was just what I needed to read. I also loved & still love having a brother & think a sibling is one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids. here's to cuddle puddles.

Randi said...

i have such good memories of having a brother too. and the "bad stuff" is now the "funny as hell" stuff, when we reminisce...

Not sure about two myself, just because I am tired and lazy and short on space and realistic about all my own limitations, but in a perfect world, two at least would be lovely.

cheesefairy said...

Those are all the reasons I wanted two kids, except I'm an only child so I was basing it on how I imagined growing up with a sibling would be.

My two are not as in love with each other as all that, for various reasons that I totally respect. And I can't put them in the bath together just yet because #2 has just developed a panic about baths (I know - at 9 months old!) but I really really want to.

Yours are adorable.