that last post was a bit angry and complainy, so i thought i would offer up a ying to it's yang. this video clocks in at almost 2 minutes, the longest i have ever put here i think, so please feel free to skim it to get the jist. it is cohen eating an ice cream cone for the first time, not to be confused with eating ice cream for the first time. i'm just sayin'.


Sara said...

Thats so adorable!

Hey sweets, could you do me a favor?!

Could you make a recording of you saying Cohen and Ada?

I *think* I have their pronounciations right but my mom come up with something very different. Which isn't saying much since for MONTHS everytime she saw her own grandson's name spelt Dylan she'd read it Die-lan.

I'd just love to know how to pronouce them. Maia's too if you don't mind. Thanks

cheesefairy said...

What a handsome boy you have. And the same stroller as me.

I love how long it takes little kids to eat treats when they haven't had them before. The first chocolate macaroon my boy ever ate took him an hour and a half. I'd finished the bag by then..