weathered by the storms, and well oiled hands

so i have been having some pretty strange dreams lately. i have a cold from my head to my toes and it makes me sleep late in this hot radiator overdone room. i think that is playing a part. lots of driving down dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. needing to get somewhere but never understanding where. i keep hitting my head on the ceiling of the truck cab as we hit the potholes. we never get anywhere. i wonder if this has something to do with nicole reading truman copote? either way it makes me wake up wondering where it is we were going and who has a truck anyway? i guess i should be glad i didn't kill some family? and it sure beats tv and the internet, so dream away i will.

i feel like crap and i have to call in sick to work again and it makes me nervous...why the hell is that anyway? i am sick! i slept all day and still can't stand longer than 10 minutes without needing to go back to bed. i shouldn't feel bad about calling in sick. it is society that did this to us! bastards. ahh fuck em. maybe tomorrow morning i will dream of unicorns and rainbows...

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nicole said...

I vote for unicorns and rainbows!! Sorry if my book of choice is giving you nightmares. Those people didn't even lock their doors! I guess it's not 1959 anymore...but do you think we lock our doors now because there is an actual immediate danger, or are we just more scared? I'm sick at home too...I'm sure now more than ever they must think we are 2 halves of the same person...sick on the same days...christine (red hair) thought that i was tara, the one who made the cat video. I think we should both just start signing our names "taranicole" and let people figure it our for themselves. Happy sick day!