if life was like the movies we'd never have to fall

"We all carry around so much pain in our hearts. love and pain and beauty. they all seem to go together like one tidy confusing package. it's a messy business, life. it's hard to figure-full of surprises. some good. some bad." ~Northern Exposure

love? what is love? is it tangible, physical, spiritual? what is it that draws us close to an object? is it the same thing that repells others? it is a good question no doubt but perhaps in light of the world today, unanswerable. love is at once total shit and utter bliss, it is the song that has been sung for a thousand years, the curse that has been shouted, the energy of the entire world, an emptiness that can never be filled. it is the great mystery. to know it is to lose it but to lose it is to understand. a tough choice to be sure but is it not in the knowing that we find the peace? or are we all right in assuming it is the need?

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